Infrastructure Business Unit
Infrastructure is the physical fabric of our lives – the buildings we live and work in; the roads, tracks, tunnels, and bridges for moving people and freight; the utilities that modern life demands.

D&E Innovations Limited Civil Infrastructure Business Unit is trusted to deliver integrated projects and services and with good reason, we provide solutions that are both Sound and Innovative, we have local knowledge, our resources span the globe. We render our services to diverse sectors of the economy including: individuals, government at all levels, institutional and allied sectors.

Whatever the location, from city centers to remote environments and whatever the complexity of the project, we offer an integrated Multi-Disciplinary approach to the project delivery and appropriate cost-effective solutions for customers. Our Infrastructure expertise encompasses a wide range of facilities and services within the markets served by D&E Infrastructure business unit which include but not limited to: alternative energy, commercial and institutional, healthcare, marine, manufacturing, telecommunication, transportation, water resources and industrial infrastructure.

D&E Innovations Limited adds value at any stage of Infrastructure project circle- from initial concept and feasibility studies and basic/detailed engineering design, engineering studies, front – end – engineering design, through engineering, procurement and construction/fabrication, installation, to start-up and commissioning and operations and maintenance and project management involving all aspects of architecture, building, civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical, structural, telecommunications and geotechnical engineering services.

Our areas of service include but not limited to:


High growth, new aircraft, new technologies, heightened security, capacity constraints, and environmental concerns – these are just some of the issues that require more innovative and more sophisticated airport infrastructure solutions than ever before. D&E Innovations has the people, the experience and the technical know-how to meet these challenges. Our experience includes landside and airside facilities, such as airport terminal, runways, maintenance hangers and various other airport infrastructure projects.

We offer our clients tailored services for the planning, design, program and construction management and construction of airport facilities. Through our global capacity, our aviation staff has access to resources and information beyond the reach of most design firms. Our design-build-operate capabilities and depth of client understanding result in practical and constructible projects

List of Services

  • Airport Planning, Feasibility Studies
  • Airport Design
  • Airport Construction and Project Management
  • Turnkey Design & Construction
  • Turnkey EPC services
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Design/Build and Hand-Over
  • Building and Facilities

    D&E Innovations limited has a distinguished reputation for providing outstanding project development, preconstruction, construction and management and design/build services across all segments of the building and facilities marketplace.

    Our Building and Facilities Design, Development, Engineering, Construction, Renovation and Refurbishment and Project Management capabilities include the design of structures and services for most types of new and refurbished buildings/facilities including but not limited to:

  • Special –purpose Residential Facilities
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities
  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Hotels, Public and Commercial Buildings
  • Multi-Story Parking Structures
  • High and Low –rise Buildings
  • Speculative and Owner – Occupied Commercial Developments
  • Educational and Religious Buildings and Facilities

  • We undertake projects in Building assessment and maintenance procedures as well as Manage, Design and Construct Special Facilities.

    D&E Innovations Limited in house expertise in Design and Engineering enhances our Capabilities. State – of – the –art technology further enhances the delivery of D&E Solutions. We use the latest AutoCAD software for 2-D, 3-D and 4-D drafting with clash detection determined by BS Link, computational fluid dynamics software and many advanced technology tools.

    List of Services:
  • Architectural Design
  • Civil/Building/Structural works
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Strategic Sourcing and Aggregated Procurement
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Vertical and Horizontal Transportation
  • Fire and Lightning Protection
  • Building Health Audit
  • Repair/Renovation/Refurbishment
  • Building and Plants Assessment and Modifications
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Turnkey Design and Build
  • Mining and Minerals

    D&E engineers and project managers have the qualifications and experience to provide a wide range of services to the mining and mineral processing industries. Using D&E’s well-established project management systems and the expertise of our project controls specialists, we help maximize outcome predictability and help minimize disruption to ongoing operations.

    D&E engineers and project managers have the qualifications and experience to provide a wide range of services to the mining, minerals and chemical processing industries. Using D &E’s well-established engineering and project management systems and the expertise of our project controls specialists, we help maximize outcome predictability and help minimize disruption to ongoing operations and achieving particular recognition for the delivery of complex processing plants.

    The team has particular success integrating multi-discipline engineering expertise and experience with licensed technology and operational know-how to deliver innovative solutions to customers.

  • Base Metals
  • Coal
  • Chemicals
  • Ferrous Metals
  • Alumina
  • Aluminium
  • Iron Ore

  • Conceptual and feasibility studies
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Project optimization and value engineering
  • Program Management Consultancy (PMC)
  • Project delivery services including Engineering, Procurement, Construction/Fabrication, Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance
  • Operations support including alliancing
  • Due diligence services
  • Project management
  • Environmental assessment and solutions
  • Tailings engineering
  • Pit to port
  • Ports and Marine

    D&E Innovations’ maritime experience involves all aspects of marine structures including but not limited to: port facilities, ship lifts, breakwaters, pipelines, wharves, jetties, harbors, offshore platforms and moorings, marinas, loading, off loading and terminal facilities, dredging and land reclamation services and estuary management. Our expertise spans the full spectrum of projects delivery including feasibility studies, conceptual design, front end engineering, detailed design, project, program and construction management.

    With our extensive range of coastal engineering and science expertise, combined with the services of alliance partners as appropriate, D&E investigates the full range of project aspects to deliver business-focused solutions. Our technical tools include Delft3D; the world’s most advanced hydrodynamic modeling package, which simulates complex fluvial, tidal and meteorological movement and interaction
    List of Services:

  • Site Selection
  • Data collection and processing
  • Bulk materials handling
  • Advanced analysis of coastal processes
  • Global Procurement
  • Coastal Protection
  • Vessel handling and moorings
  • Dredging design and advice
  • Master planning of maritime facilities
  • Mathematical and physical modeling
  • Maritime and offshore structures
  • Project and construction management
  • Port, harbor, marine and terminal structures master planning and design
  • Container, bulk and break bulk handling facilities planning and design
  • Environmental impact assessment, management, monitoring and approvals
  • Marine geological, geotechnical and environmental and scientific consulting services
  • Concept development, detailed design and construction
  • Operations and Maintenance of facilities
  • Marine operations and port advisory services
  • Privatization and transaction advisory services
  • Rail

    D&E Innovations’ rail industry services cover the full spectrum, from feasibility studies and consulting engineering to turnkey construction, project delivery and operations and maintenance. Our analytical, program management and systems engineering skills enable us to identify match and deliver clients’ needs at all project stages. These skills, together with our global reach, deep resources, strength and stability, give clients the confidence to entrust D&E with the most complex and demanding projects.

    List of Services:
  • Management Services
  • Safety and quality management
  • Project Management
  • Integrated planning and cost control
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Risk management
  • Railway logistics and possession planning
  • Construction supervision and management, including commissioning and handover

  • Planning &Design
  • Transport planning
  • Community consultation
  • Systems engineering
  • Asset management systems
  • Electrification
  • Station Infrastructure
  • Lineside Works
  • Underground Railway
  • Removal of Redundant Rail
  • Depot Facilities
  • Trackwork design
  • Signaling and train control
  • Rolling stock engineering
  • Building and station services design
  • Civil, structural and tunnel engineering
  • Environmental impact studies and assessment
  • Systems integration including reliability, availability, maintainability and safety
  • Turnkey Design and Construction

  • Project Delivery
  • Project and Contraction management
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Design-Build-Handover
  • Highways and Roads

    Transportation strategies for the 21st century call for both innovation and proven expertise. Our International experience in all aspects of roads and bridges design, finance, construction, operation and maintenance enables D&E to provide integrated transport solutions for both public and private sector projects. Our transport planning, community consultation and project lifecycle management resources further facilitate successful road projects.

    We have significant in –house highway design experience in both rural and urban environments. Our areas of expertise range from Bridges and culverts, highway safety systems, high –standard expressways and toll roads to arterial roads and access improvements, including bypasses, ring roads and local residential streets.

    List of Services
    Management & Design
  • Feasibility and route studies
  • Hydrological / hydraulic and geotechnical studies
  • Planning and environmental assessment
  • Community consultation
  • Transportation and economic studies
  • Transport telematics
  • Traffic control
  • Highway communications
  • Tolling systems
  • Transport modeling
  • Concept design, design and documentation
  • Design verification
  • Construction surveillance and management

  • Project Delivery
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Turnkey design and construction
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Telecommunications

    D&E Innovations Limited Telecommunication infrastructure expertise covers a wide range of products, services and solutions for communications facilities. We provide hybrid communication solutions to the oil and gas, marine, telecommunications and information technology industries.

    D&E Innovations provides a broad range of telecommunication infrastructure services to a diverse group of industry-leading clients around the world in the Broadcast, GSM, Wireless, Wireline and critical facilities markets. We have the experience, expertise and resources needed to provide our clients with the competitive edge they seek.

    The current state of the telecommunications business demand innovative and forward –thinking service companies with the resources needed to plan and execute a wide range of projects, D&E Innovations Limited brings innovation, competence and proven effectiveness to any telecommunication infrastructure challenge.

    List of Services:
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Site Acquisition
  • Civil/Geotechnics/Structural Construction works
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering works
  • Copper and Fiber Cable Network Engineering
  • Equipment and Materials Procurement and Supply
  • Tower Erection
  • Network Engineering and Deployment
  • RF Engineering Services
  • Facilities Architecture and Engineering
  • Outside /Inside Plant Engineering
  • Permitting and Zoning
  • Offshore Rig & FPSO Communication Systems
  • Radio Transmission & Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance
  • Project and Construction Management
  • GSM and CDMA Turnkey Site Design and Build
  • Water and Wastewater

    From major water transportation projects to local treatment works, D&E Innovations Limited capacity for innovation is backed by years of experience and the successful completion of water projects. Many of our projects have made a real contribution of their community by delivery improved facilities and better environmental outcomes.

    At D&E, our depth of knowledge and experience in water and wastewater engineering underpins all our projects. We fully consider long-term operations and whole-of-life costs and deliver lasting solutions for water projects. Our experience ranges from water resources planning and drilling, water distribution, major dam and watermain construction and renovation projects to major water supply, treatment and disposal, reservoirs, lagoons, tunneling, storage ponds, wastewater network, treatment and pumping facilities, submarine outfalls, pipelines, water filtration and wastewater treatment plants.

    D&E Innovations Limited professionals have the skills necessary to undertake planning, concept and detailed design, project management, commissioning and handover of water projects ranging from small plants to the largest projects and programs, utilizing a wide range of technologies

    List of Services
  • Integrated water cycle management
  • Regional water Supply Studies
  • Water and wastewater Treatment Plants and Facilities
  • Collection and Distribution Systems and Facilities
  • Odor Modeling and Control
  • Groundwater and surface water hydrology
  • System Modeling and Asset Management
  • Dams, Dykes and Storage reservoir
  • Irrigation and Drainage Projects
  • Integrated Rural Water Development Projects
  • Hazard and Risk Assessment
  • Solid and Liquid waste Management
  • Pipelines, pump Stations and Networks
  • Desalination, membrane and thermal technologies including integrated power and water solutions
  • Biosolids management, including beneficial re-use and waste to energy solutions
  • Recycling and re-use, appropriate schemes for irrigation, process, non-potable and indirect potable use
  • Storm water, Flood management and rainwater harvesting
  • Industrial and Municipal water/waste water treatment
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Turnkey Design and Construction
  • Design-Build-Handover projects
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Services by Industry

    Oil & Gas

    Civil Infrastructure


    Industrial & Manufacturing