Oil and Gas Business Unit
D&E Innovations Limited is a Nigerian leader in delivering engineering and project management services to the hydrocarbons industry. Our service capability covers the entire project lifecycle: from identifying the opportunity to the operating phase. Our extensive experience ensures that we provide project solutions with the lowest total lifecycle cost. In line with D&E’s approach of working closely with her customers, many of these activities are carried out by integrated teams, where the customer and D&E Innovations staff work alongside each other.

D&E has the track record and systems necessary to pursue and deliver large-scale and complex projects. As oil and gas projects continue to grow in size and complexity, D&E Innovations is one of the few African companies with the resources, technical capabilities and systems to meet the demands of large-scale projects.

The Oil and Gas Business Unit of D&E Innovations Limited renders full multi-disciplinary Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning and Start-up (EPC-CS), Operation and Maintenance, Project Management and Consultancy services for a wide range of facilities and projects across the complete life cycle for the Downstream, Midstream and Upstream sub-sectors of the Oil and Gas industry.

The track record in successful delivery of some of the world’s largest greenfield and brownfield asset developments through to optimization of portfolios of multiple smaller projects is exemplary. Drawing upon this capability and experience enables D&E Innovations Limited to deliver projects on schedule and within budget.

D&E Innovations renders Multi-Disciplinary Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance (EPCM), and project management services in the Oil and Gas industry for the following facilities:

  • Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Production Facilities
  • Onshore and Offshore Process Modules, Packages and Equipment
  • Subsea Facilities: pipelines and risers, PLEMs, suction piles, etc
  • Wellhead, Gathering, Pumping, Separation, Metering and Compression Platforms & Onshore Stations
  • Natural Gas Processing and Monetization Plants and Facilities
  • Deepwater, Field Development and Floating Production Systems
  • Pipelines/Flowlines(Onshore and Offshore)
  • Terminals, Depots and Storage Facilities
  • Tanker Loading and Unloading Facilities
  • Refineries, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Gas and Fertilizers Production Plants and Facilities



D&E Innovations’ combination of global resources and proven engineering capabilities are what deliver world-class facilities to our clients' while meeting their demanding business needs. Our streamlined global engineering process - from concept to completion - produces consistent results in some of the most difficult and challenging locations on earth by using robust, data centric and technologically advanced engineering methods. Our proven, time-tested design and engineering approach is based on a logical sequence of processes that focus on stakeholder input and reducing redesigns that impact cost and schedule.

We provide a full range of services including EPC, grassroots facilities and revamps, offshore engineering, conceptual, front-end studies and master plan, site studies, cost estimating, economic and financial studies, feasibility and project viability studies, conceptual design, basic engineering design, detailed engineering design, process engineering design, front-end-engineering design, follow-on-engineering services, drafting and as-built drawings including 3D, static and dynamic simulation, project management and engineering consultancy services.

D&E Innovations Limited employs a totally diverse team of dynamic engineers covering all engineering disciplines, together with required engineering tools and software. The company’s design and engineering expertise ranges from traditional disciplines, such as architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical and equipment, facilities, instrumentation and controls, automation, piping, process, pipeline, subsea, tankage and structural engineering to advance specialties including simulation, enterprise integration, integrated automation processes, and the use of interactive 2D, 3D and 4D modeling for engineering analysis and production of designs .


D&E Innovation’s procurement department affordably aligns with capable OEMs worldwide in offering integrated local and oversea procurement and supply services of high quality specialized oil and gas equipments, materials, tools and spare parts around the world. Finding qualified vendors in the right location is easy through our master list of reputable candidates. Our procurement systems can easily adopt clients’ numbering schemes, terms and conditions and logos, allowing us to act quickly on the client’s behalf. All information within the procurement system remains in D&E Innovations’ database for use in estimating future projects.

We have a highly experienced team of procurement specialists dedicated to sourcing, supply and delivery. We use efficient sourcing techniques locally and internationally, we undertake sourcing, procurement and supply of high quality specialized oil and gas equipments, tools, materials and spare parts needs, hence, working towards minimum to zero stoppage in production process or commercial activities of our clients.


D&E Innovations Limited has an unsurpassed ability to field a full Construction and Construction Management organization anywhere in the world providing full range of construction and fabrication services for both the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. Our unique range of construction and fabrication expertise covers the oil and gas, petrochemical and energy fields and includes wellhead platforms, onshore and offshore oil and gas processing and treating facilities including pipelines, LNG plants, refineries, tank farms and storage facilities, steam crackers among others

Whether building an offshore or onshore production facility or pipeline/flowline in a remote coastal area or constructing a downstream storage, pipeline, refining, LPG facility or pilling and foundation construction, various clients depend on D&E to deliver complex and challenging projects in diverse industries. D&E Innovations Limited executes construction projects using technologies, systems, and work processes that provide optimal results for its clients. Our network of construction resources facilitates the effective mobilization of advanced equipment and skilled construction team around the world. D&E has extensive experience with country regulations and managing culturally diverse workforces.

Whether the projects are large capital, small capital or packaged, single-disciplined scopes, D&E approaches each with the same level of professionalism, integrity and a commitment to HS&E excellence. D&E Innovations can support projects of any size providing "fit of purpose" tools and execution methods.

Commissioning & Start-Up

D&E Innovations Limited provides the following commissioning and start-up services:

  • Facility Acceptance Test (FAT) and pre-commissioning support
  • P & ID Verification
  • Loop Checks
  • Functional Checks
  • Pressures Test Design and Verification
  • Safety Systems Checkout
  • Facilities Integrity Inspection, Testing and Management
  • Ensuring that all equipment is ready for start-up according to manufacturers’ requirements
  • Confirming that all Health, Safety, and Environment procedures are in place
  • Reviewing documentation: Mill certificates, Weld Maps, Reports, and Welding Procedures
  • Plant and Production Start-up Assistance
  • System purge

  • Many of D&E Innovations’ personnel have worked as production operators for major oil and gas companies and are well qualified for pre-commissioning and start-up work. These personnel are experienced in all phases of facility operating requirements. Our highly qualified supervisors provide assistance to the client through pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up.

    We provide experienced commissioning engineers who will ensure the databases used are populated in the most efficient manner that will meet the client’s project objectives. Our commissioning engineers and technicians will either carry out or supervise all activities required to verify that facilities systems are ready for start-up.

    Operation and Maintenance

    D&E Innovations Limited is a global provider of Operations and Maintenance services. D&E with its alliance partners have the expertise to operate and maintain large, complex facilities in all aspects of the Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Power, Manufacturing and other Industrial sectors. O&M services include plant maintenance, facility management, pre-operations planning, production O&M management, facilities efficient maintenance planning and scheduling, plant & maintenance optimization, plant operation and management, operations support, asset performance improvement, operations readiness, start-up and commissioning, and small capital project design and construction.

    D&E Innovations’ O&M helps plant and facility owners reduce overall operating costs and increase plant productivity through D&E Innovation’s asset performance improvement (API) assessment process. API benchmarks a plant's operating performance and helps identify step-change improvement opportunities deliverable through a pay-for-performance commercial approach D&E Innovations Limited Operation and Maintenance team provides full operations and totally integrated Maintenance management to customers. With people and tools capable of being deployed worldwide, our team provides in-depth and direct support, harnessing our complete range of skills, systems and experience to operate, maintain and modify customer assets.

    The strength of our maintenance management service is based on the quality of our experience. Specifically we have developed competence in the following area of operations, repair, modification and maintenance services

  • Periodic routines and daily operation and maintenance, repairs and modifications/upgrade/rehabilitation services for oil and gas (onshore and offshore) production facilities and plants. These services also include recruitment, replacement of spares, facility revamp, upgrade/overhaul and rehabilitation, routine checks on all components of the facility, engineering and project management.
  • Operation and Maintenance of offshore production & storage facilities (FPSO, FSO, MOPU, EPS etc)
  • Metering Systems (Gas and Liquid), Prover Loops, Samplers and Instrumentation.
  • Crude Custody transfer point maintenance & operation.- Upstream
  • Tank Farm Operation & Maintenance – Downstream
  • Certification of focalization Instruments
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Testing, Calibration and Repairs Services
  • Pressure Relief/Pressure Safety Valves, Control Valves, MOVs, Isolation valves etc
  • Lifting Equipment Operations and Maintenance Services (Crane Services)
  • Maintenance/repairs/overhaul/upgrade of compressors, pumps, generators & rotating equipment
  • SCADA/remote well control system design & integration
  • Electric & Hydraulic Actuators
  • Industrial cooling systems repairs
  • Tank Gauging Systems & Tank Accessories
  • Catalyst & Molsieve Adsorbent Handling Services
  • Pipeline modifications & repairs
  • Refinery Back-up Maintenance & TAM
  • Workshop & Machining Services

  • Our O&M services provide technical manpower support services for oil and gas activities.

    Project Management

    D&E Innovations Limited aims at establishing itself as an industry leader providing superior Project Management and Consulting services in collaboration with our international partners. Using International best practices in project management, our synergetic effort ensures that D&E Innovations is able to manage the competing demand of scope, cost, quality; safety and schedule to deliver world-class project management solutions to our clients.

    D&E Innovations Limited project management team uses their vast experience to advice clients on appropriate project management and control techniques. All projects, large or small must be professionally managed to be successful, D&E is eminently qualified to assist and advise on this task and has extensive expertise to work with many types of projects arrangement. Project management encompasses the responsibility to plan, execute, control and coordinate the performance of project functions with the objective of completing the project on schedule and with budget.

    Through our network of highly qualified professional both Nigerian and international personnel, D&E is able to deliver the following Project Management & Consultancy services.

  • Project Finance and Evaluation
  • Selection of Design Teams and Contractors
  • Manpower Development and Supply
  • Development of Contract strategies
  • Detailing of Project Procedures
  • Monitoring Designs and Specifications
  • Preparation of Estimates and Control of Costs
  • Budget and Program Planning
  • Procurement of Plants and Equipments
  • Co – ordination of Final Inspection and Project Handover
  • Long Term Site Management and Maintenance
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Projects Review and Controls
  • Supervision and On-site Inspections
  • Troubleshooting of oil and gas facilities...
  • Procurement and Supplier Information
  • Start-up/Commissioning Services
  • Construction, Safety and Risk Management
  • Construction Quality Assurance & Control Monitoring
  • Production of cost estimates including, EPCI cost estimates and schedule
  • Establishment of Quality management Systems, SHES management system and Human Resource management systems
  • QA/QC checks on engineering deliverables including As built drawings
  • Value Engineering, Construction Management & Supervision
  • Multi-disciplined project Management Consultancy

  • D&E Innovations Limited considers project management to be the key to successful engineering. We have built our reputation on quality and the ability to deliver projects on time and on budget. This Capability and Experience allows D&E to provide extensive project management and consultancy services.

    Consultancy Services

    D&E Innovations Limited provides consulting services in the form of expert technical and management services. D&E Innovations consulting services includes but not limited to Engineering and Project Management, Asset Optimization, Construction Supervision and Management, Validation and Endorsement of Engineering and Design performed by third party, Construction Verification and Certification, Provision of Technical Staffing Services (Local and Expatriates), Training and Manpower Development, QA/QC Services and HSE Management Systems. These services are rendered directly to our customers and independently of suppliers and construction contractors.
    Engineering and Project Management

    We provide experienced project planners and project managers. We have developed a working project concept, which is based on practical experience from several implemented projects.

    Engineering & Implementation management
    Our services cover the implementation of all kinds of oil and gas and power networks and range from the management of large-scale turnkey projects to the management of implementation documents.

    Quality & Risk assessment

    We perform quality and risk assessment for our clients. Risk management is an integral part of the overall management of a project and it is particularly important in the management of large oil & gas, power and infrastructure projects.

    Asset Optimization

    In order to maximize productivity, your facilities and equipment need to be maintained regularly. Our asset integrity management services maintain your assets to ensure productivity, reliability and safety. Plus, we can tailor an asset integrity management program to suit your needs, helping you reduce risks and meet all relevant regulations.
    As the world’s leading inspection, testing, verification and certification company, we are the first choice for clients requiring effective asset integrity management programs the world over. With our unique a global reach, we can provide the experienced staff and resources needed to achieve your inspection, engineering, data management and safety goals, wherever your assets are based.

    Construction Supervision & Management
    D&E Innovations Limited offers the full spectrum of construction supervision and management services, dedicating a team of skilled professionals to complete projects on time and within budget.

    D&E Innovations is renowned for providing highly qualified, accurate, and time efficient supervision service to support and enhance the project execution.

    By employing and enhancing the best available resources, our construction managers, resident engineers, supervising engineers, and inspectors utilize their local knowledge and the ECG's growing experience to deliver class skills in quality.

    We are highly experienced in all facets of construction supervision & Management including:
  • Design Review
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Material submittal approval
  • Safety Compliance
  • Project specification conformity
  • selecting contractors and consultants, and developing contracts
  • pre-construction and planning meeting
  • maintaining a focus on long-lead priorities
  • Project daily inspection and supervision
  • setting milestones for design and construction phases
  • providing complete management of construction and budget
  • administering ongoing quality-control procedures and relevant documentation.

  • Design Review and Verification
    Whatever industry you operate in, your product or installation needs to fulfill numerous requirements. Our design review and verification service ensures that your design complies with all relevant industry standards and meets operational, safety and environmental requirements.

    Our design review and verification service offers you highly trained staff, state-of-the-art technology and global resources, helping you to:

  • Verify the design of your industrial products or installations through a comprehensive review of specifications, reports, calculations and drawings
  • Test your engineering assumptions, design methods and approaches
  • Provide confidence that your installation is designed to the required design and safety standards, criteria and legislation
  • Ensure that all parties involved in your design phase follow the same specifications and rules

  • As a trusted provider for technical verification, inspection and testing, we offer you the accreditations, technical expertise and experience of a world leader. That’s why we are the first choice for clients in all industries across the globe. Plus with our unique global network we can provide you with comprehensive design review and verification anywhere in the world.

    Our design review and verification services include:
  • Accelerated life time tests
  • Assessment of welding procedures and welder qualification
  • Evaluation of proposed corrosion protection systems
  • Review of manufacturing and installations specifications
  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Technical due diligence
  • Verification of control and automation systems
  • Verification of electrical systems
  • Verification of material certificates
  • Verification of mechanical facilities and piping
  • Verification of process simulation, calculation and design drawings
  • Verification of structural and geotechnical design

  • Technical Staffing
    D&E aims to be a leading supplier of technical staffing services. We possess the capability to supply both local and internationally experienced, technically qualified contingent workforce to augment client staff.

    The expansive recruiting network within D&E Innovations Limited enables us to generate qualified candidates as necessary to meet client and/or project needs while keeping costs in-line with budgets.

    By utilizing D&E's staffing services, clients can focus strategies and resources on their core business, reduce and control operating costs, increase access to qualified personnel, and minimize recruitment time and expenses.

    Our technical staffing services provide dedicated and highly skilled personnel from a broad range of disciplines and industries including:
  • LPG / LNG and other oil and gas processing plants
  • Tank farms and loading facilities
  • Refineries and petrochemical plants
  • Power generation and transmission facilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunication
  • Minerals and Mining
  • Utilities / Offsite, and other Civil/Mechanical Construction Works.
  • Construction – infrastructure and building, architectural, civil and structural

  • Our technical staffing services include:
  • Contract and Leasing Staffing
  • Permanent and headhunting Staffing
  • Local Content Development
  • Pay rolling and tax compliant services
  • Vendor managed services
  • In-country logistics – managing flights, work permits, visas, accommodation and local transportation

  • Training
    We organized various programs to develop personnel capabilities primarily in the areas of engineering and project management. This is designed to accommodate general courses for all and specific courses for engineers and designers. Specifically, the program is broken into three successive elements:

    An initial induction and familiarization program intended to provide a basic framework of competency, ensuring that all trainees receive an understanding of the working environment

    Detailed training programs combining discipline-specific training with a common element covering project execution issues, emphasizing the importance of teamwork.

    An extended period of on-the-job (OJT) training
    Quality Assurance & Quality Control Services
    When it comes to your facilities, the quality of all equipment, materials, structures and components is subject to strict regulations and standards. Our quality assurance and quality control services help you ensure compliance with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations and quality standards.

    D&E Quality Assurance Services includes:
  • Quality Planning

    Design of new quality assurance programmes and consultation on existing programmes

  • Quality Management

    Implementation and on-going management of quality programmes and procedures

  • Quality Capability

    Vendor prequalification Quality audits Systems audits

  • Our Quality Control Services includes:
  • Engineering Inspection Services

    Civil, structural, mechanical and electrical inspection and performance testing, including inspection and preservation of tubular and drill pipes as well as statutory inspection and integrity surveys of pressure vessels and lines.

  • Welding Inspection Services

    Procedure qualification testing. Welder qualification testing Inspection of production welds.

  • Vendor Inspection Services

    Intermediate and final inspection and testing of materials and equipment before dispatch from manufacturer.

  • Protective Coating Inspection Services

    Inspection and testing of coat and wrap and paint coating systems.

  • Non-Destructive Testing Services
    X, Gamma and Selenium radiography
    Ultrasonic flaw detection and thickness checks
    Magnetic crack detection
    Dye Penetrant examination
    Holiday detection.
    Ultrasonic inspection & testing
    Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT or MPI)
    Liquid Penetration Inspection
    Eddy Current Inspection & Testing
    Positive Material Identification
    Visual Inspection – Boroscope/ Fibroscope/ CCTV
    Pre and post weld Heat Treatment
    Boiler And Pressure Vessel Inspection
    Portable Hardness/Positive Material Identification
    Non - Destructive Testing: ANST Level I & II
    Flange Inspection/Line Pipe Integrity Inspection
    Qualified NDT Personnel
    Tubular Goods Inspection and Management
    Pigging & Pressure Testing
    Coating & Corrosion Control
    Vessel Integrity Management to ABS, DNV Standards
    Welds and Fabrication Inspections/Structural Steel Inspection
    Corrosion Monitoring/Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
    Facilities Integrity Inspection, testing & Management

  • Inspection Management

    Our inspection management system is designed to contribute to a client’s economic, safety and environmental growth with respect to his facilities integrity by monitoring production processes, identifying critical points and systematically reducing the likelihood and consequences of failure. Pipeline Inspection Management

    In managing pipelines, tubular, drill pipes, risers, etc we strive to provide a balanced assessment of the condition of the pipeline or structure and recommend action that will assure the operator of the continuing integrity for the projected life span of the equipment.

  • Lifting Equipment Management

    D&E Innovations Limited conducts lifting and rigging operations inspection and management of all lifting and hoisting equipment including cranes, gears and all load bearing tools including winches, pulley blocks, rope slings, chain slings, shackles, swivel or eye-bolt etc. We carry out relevant visual inspection, NDT, load tests etc and certify these facilities in line with relevant standards and codes. All our lifting inspection personnel are certified to international criteria as set by such bodies as LEEA.

  • HSE Management
    D&E Innovations Limited as a leading supplier of health, safety and environment management offers you unrivaled expertise and resources. Plus, with our unique global reach, we can dispatch experienced and qualified safety coordinators to your facilities – wherever your operations are based.

    HSE Training for all classes of industrial personnel including radiation safety and management of radioactive waste, confined space entry, hazardous waste management as well as supply of Safety Gadgets, Installation and Maintenance.

    In addition, we offer consultancy training services for certification of HSE systems
    Our services for health, safety and environment management include:
  • Safety coordination during the design, fabrication and construction phases
  • Recommendations for preventive measures
  • Coordination documents
  • Safety risk analysis
  • Verification and development of health and safety plans
  • Internal license controls
  • Verification of access permits
  • Access controls for designated areas
  • Certificate control for cranes and operators
  • Control of collective protection
  • Control of personnel protection equipment (including helmets, gloves and shoes)
  • Safety signaling control
  • Determination of transfer/clearing routes
  • Supply of external HSE coordinators
  • Guidance/coordination concerning Occupational Health and Safety regulations
  • Regular recording and reporting, focused on non-conformities, corrective/preventative actions and statistical data
  • Safety training courses
  • Services by Industry

    Oil & Gas

    Civil Infrastructure


    Industrial & Manufacturing