Power Business Unit
D&E Innovations Limited Power unit has the technical partnership and expertise required in developing and operating commercial power projects around the world. We provide Engineering and Consultancy services, working on coal, gas turbines, nuclear, renewable energy, transmission networks, air quality control, advanced energy concept & retrofit project solutions from pre-feasibility to asset operation & maintenance

D&E Innovations Limited involvement in the power industry encompasses complete life cycle management of gas-steam – and hydro-power generation, transmission and distribution. Our focus also embraces all turnkey fossil-fired, nuclear, combined cycle and cogeneration plants and renewable energy, advanced coal, coal (new and existing coal plants and air quality control), and gas turbine based plants and transmission networks. Dams, high and low head power plants, storage and run-off-river schemes as well as pumped-storage stations are in the centre of activities of the Business Area. Our in-house capabilities cover balance-of-plant systems including boilers, heat recovery steam generators, condensers, fuel handling systems, precipitators, ash handling systems, water treatment plants, electrical & control systems, switch gear, all fluid and gas processes and core rotating shaft equipment. Many of these projects are multipurpose projects which cover, besides the power production, also flood control, water supply and irrigation.

The provision of power in Africa brings specific challenges, as many projects are in remote and difficult locations; D&E Innovations Limited with our alliance of partners is well experienced in operating under such circumstances across a broad spectrum of disciplines. The strong integrated engineering know-how built-up during implementation of many projects in all parts of the world is the basis for the leading position in hydropower

As a full-service EPCM and project management provider in the power industry, we have built a reputation for providing innovative and value added solutions for major energy providers, government, developers and independent power producers. Our expertise embraces full service conceptual front - end studies, feasibility and project validity studies, conceptual engineering, front-end-engineering design, pre-feasibility, basic and detail engineering design through procurement, construction, installation, testing and commissioning and start-up, operations and shut-down and turn-around maintenance, project management and consultancy services.

Our capability in the Power sector includes but not limited to the following areas:

  • Coal
  • Fossil
  • Nuclear
  • Renewable Energy
  • Transmission
  • Air Quality Control
  • Advanced Energy Concepts
  • Turnkey street Lighting and Rural Electrification Projects
  • Independent Power Projects (IPP)
  • Supply, Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Steam, Hydro and Gas Turbines, Diesel and Gas Generator sets, meter and meter testing equipments, HHC, Power and Distribution Transformers, Gear switches, AMF Panels, Armored Cables and other related materials and equipments

  • Coal

    D&E Innovations is an industry leader and continues to provide full-service consulting, engineering and design, procurement, construction and construction management, start-up and maintenance to hundreds of customers. Our experience and expertise through our partners was developed through the design of hundreds of coal-fired units from 25 to 900 MW and stations as large as2,700 MW that burn all types of coal


    D&E Innovations Limited through strategic partnerships is a world leader in designing and building fossil-fueled generating plants. Our capabilities range from combustion turbine facilities to solid fuel and integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) plants. D&E’s standard designs for fossil-generating plants are redefining power generation through lower costs, higher net present value, maximum reliability, and short construction schedules.

    For decades, D&E Innovations and its partners project teams have participated applications using the latest gas turbine generation technology. Our projects include more than 35,500 MW of simple and combined cycle installations employing more than 120 gas turbine units. Applications include distribution, generation, district heating, cogeneration, simple cycle, combined cycle, plant conversions and upgrades to combined cycle plants and repowering of existing steam plants. Over the years we have served as the engineering, procurement, construction and Maintenance (EPCM), and startup contractor of choice for a wide variety of fossil fuel based power generation and process steam facilities as well as modification and retrofits to existing facilities. To date, Bechtel has completed more than 400 facilities which have provided more than 152,000 MW of highly reliable and cost efficient energy throughout the world.

    As with all projects, D&E Innovations Limited ensures all of our facilities meet all emissions control standards, employ sustainable design principles and environmental stewardship, and enhances the community where we perform our work.

    Fossil market segments:

  • Solid Fuels
  • Biomass/Alternative Fuels
  • Gas Turbine
  • Emissions Retrofit
  • Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
  • Nuclear

    D&E provides a full range of nuclear services to utilities all over the in Nigeria and the West African region. These services include design and assessment programs for new and existing nuclear power plants, licensing, project and program management, owner’s engineer, risk assessment, construction and construction management, emergency planning, decommissioning planning, plant operations and support, quality assurance and radiological and safety analyses.

    Renewable Energy

    The power industry is motivated by rapidly increasing power demand, climate change concerns, growing public resistance to conventional power sources, fuel security and price concerns. Our Renewable Energy Program provides the most comprehensive team available to assure the success of your renewable power generation projects. Our experience covers solar, wind, biomass and geothermal.


    D&E Innovations provides integrated engineering, procurement, construction and Maintenance (EPCM) services for transmission lines, substations, and distribution facilities. These services extend to independent transmission installations and those associated with new power generation facilities.

    Our experience covers overhead and underground transmission lines and substations around the globe and includes system analysis, engineering design and construction management. Our projects cover more than 20,000 MVA of new, upgraded, and retrofit substations based on more than 8,700 circuit kms of overhead high voltage transmission, 6,300 kms of extra high voltage transmission to 565 kV, and 700 circuit kms of underground and under water lines.

    Air Quality Control

    D&E Innovations Limited has provided services for over 10,000 MW of flue gas desulphurization (FGD) systems and11,500 MW of selective catalytic reduction systems, 5,000 MW of mercury control bag houses, as well as over 80 air quality control system studies. Our FGD experience includes both wet and dry technologies.

    Advanced Energy Concepts

    Within the rapidly changing Power environment and driven by the need to gain commercial advantage for our customers, Select increasingly assesses advanced energy technologies such as fuel cells, compressed air energy storage, pumped hydro, distributed generation, smart grids, HVDC and advanced energy management techniques.

    Consultancy Services

    D&E Innovations Power Business Unit provides all consultancy services in the power industry, from the development phase to commissioning of the station. These include technical and commercial viability studies, front-end-engineering design, engineering studies, basic and detailed engineering, engineering and project management, technical due diligence, plant insurance survey, plant performance testing, plant enhancements studies and implementation of best operating practices, project financial modelling, tariff planning and analysis, advisory services in power project bid preparation, preparation of project agreements, design & engineering of the plant for development phase, preparation of RFP and technical specifications for Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) bidding and EPC negotiations, preparation of RFP, review, negotiation and finalization project agreements.

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